Maintenance Assessments for 2020 are $290.00 and notices will be  sent out in November 2019.  Payment is due December 31, 2019 and must be received on or before the Annual Board Meeting which will occur in early February, 2020.  A late fee charge of $29.00  will be charged against the property after that date.   Monthly Payment Plans for 2020 Assessment fees MUST be approved by the Glenshannon Board of Directors before December 31 of 2019.


The 312 homeowners in the Glenshannon subdivision are part owners of the "common area" which is the park and pool.  Every homeowner is required to pay an annual maintenance assessment for the upkeep of these areas and to support the subdivision. A large portion of the assessments are used to preserve the beauty of this community through proper maintenance and repairs.  Other expenditures are for the day-to-day business operations of Glenshannon.  Your yearly assessments pay for:


1.            Repair of the Olympic size pool, and Baby Pool as needed

2.            Purchase chemicals, skimmer baskets, hoses, or any other items necessary for the proper operation of the pools

3.            Pool contract provides a Red Cross Certified Life Guard as required by the City of Houston

4.            Beautify and maintain the park area by cutting the grass, landscaping, removing and unsightly or dangerous trees, purchase supplies, repair bathrooms

5.            All required insurance (general liability, umbrella and directors and officers insurance)

6.            Utilities expense, legal expenditures (taxes, state and county filings), office expenses and supplies, postage

7.            Expenditures for all other business conducted on behalf of Glenshannon Community Association, Inc.


Important:    To ensure that your accounts is credited properly, your check or money orders should be made payable as follows and sent only to the following address:


Glenshannon Community Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 720296

Houston, TX  77272



Note:  The fee for any check returned for non-sufficient funds is $35.00
Any payment arriving past February 1, will incur the late fee of $29.00 plus
an interest rate of 10% per year multiplied by the number of years in arrears. 


Many thanks to the homeowners who have paid their assessment obligation Early

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