Glenshannon Community Assn.

The Glenshannon Community Assn., Inc



Labor day was the final swim day for the 2019 season
Opens again in May 2020

Please Notice

The Board of Directors for
Glenshannon Community Association, Inc meets 
at 6:30 pm, on the second Thursday of each month.
These Meetings are open meetings and Glenshannon 
Community property owners may attend.
Please be aware 'Open Meetings' will be converted to 
Executive Meetings when necessary, with only members 
of the Board of Directors allowed to remain. 
All executive sessions are intended for routine
business discussion and include discussions 
regarding individual property owners concern,
only when an invitation has been extended to the owner
of the property in question.

Should you wish to attend a monthly board meeting,
please make any member of the board aware of your 
desire, at least one week in advance of the meeting,
you are welcome to attend.
Next Heavy Trash Day 

October 7, 2019

Please do not put out heavy trash before Saturday, October 5, 2019

Association President Jim Ashby 281-498-2257
Email:   Info@ 

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