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  Second Quarter Board & Homeowners Meeting
July 12, 2018

2ND QUARTER - JULY 12, 2018
The meeting began at 7:30P.M. at the Glenshannon Townhome Clubhouse.
President Jim Ashby welcomed everyone (20 including the Board) in attendance. The
Pledge was led by Vice President, Fran Birns. The minutes from the 1st Quarter Meeting
held in April were read.
Comments from President Jim Ashby: The pool and park improvements were noted.
There are new benches in the pool area and a new grill has been purchased for the park.
The use of the park by residents and the deposit fee involved was explained. Several
residents stated that they did not have a current key to the park. A list was created and
those residents will be provided a park key. The $20.00 refundable park key deposit was
explained. It was also explained that our park keys cost $12.50 per key for the
Association to purchase. They are high security and cannot be duplicated thus insuring
that copies cannot be made and the park used by those persons who are not Glenshannon
Pool Report - Pool Director, Jennifer Simpson discussed the problems we have had with
the attitude and performance of the current lifeguards. She explained the steps that have
been taken with regard to this problem. Namely, if such behavior occurs one more time,
the guards will be fired immediately and the pool will have to be shut down until we can
hire more qualified guards. As a point of interest, we have checked with Sweetwater, and
they stated that they are running short on guards for the pools they currently supply
guards for. A resident made a motion that cameras be installed to monitor the pool area.
This motion was seconded and it was agreed that cameras would be installed with
internet capability (so the pool area/guards can be monitored offsite), without someone
having to make multiple trips to the pool to check things on a daily basis. The fee per AT
&T would be approximately $40.00 per month for the internet capability.
A resident had a clarification question regarding the number of guests that can come to
the pool per resident. Jim Ashby said that he would review what is on the website and
correct any confusion regarding this.
A question was raised as why a $50.00 raise was given to Flores Landscaping. Flores
Landscaping has done an outstanding job in taking care of the park area. They have done
many things to keep the area neat and attractive that previous landscaping companies
either did not do, or charged extra for. The answer to the question was that "this was a
Board decision", (which the Board has every right to do as the Board). This answer was
not acceptable to the homeowner who raised the question, and the homeowner continued
to apparently want to know exact details as to why a raise was given. This homeowner
and one other resident did not feel the question was answered adequately and they did not
feel heard and the conversation and various comments became heated. Several residents
defended the Board. The mood in the room became, unfortunately, confrontational
resulting in the complete disruption of the meeting. All of this culminating because the
President's answer "This was a Board decision", was not deemed acceptable ..... This is
the second time in a row that the quarterly meeting has been disrupted because someone
was not happy with a Board decision or answer. This cannot continue. For
Glenshannon to continue to be a valued and desirable community, the Board is due
respect and support from the residents. Conversations in meetings need to be conducted
in a respectful manner, without meetings becoming sabotaged, as in the recent past. A
Gentle Reminder: These Board positions are strictly voluntary. Bottom Line: We all
must work together to keep Glenshannon property values up and Glenshannon a beautiful
and desirable community in which to live.
The meeting ended at 8:50 P.M.
Respectfully submitted by,
Jan LaNeave, Board Secretary

These Minutes can also be seen under Meeting Minutes (Menu Group Below)



Heavy Trash Day 
August 6, 2018

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